Women’s Fund



The Women’s Fund of Warrick County focuses the efforts of women philanthropists to create positive social change by funding projects that address current needs in our community.


To improve the quality of life in Warrick County by collectively funding significant grants to support local programs that give opportunities, encouragement, knowledge, and hope to the Warrick County community.

Our Endowment

The Women’s Fund Endowment is a permanent resource created to address the changing needs and priorities in our community. By building the Endowment, women philanthropists of today are building a long-term source of support for future needs.  Unless otherwsie requested by the donor, half of the gifts given to the Women’s Fund are added to its endowment with the remaining funds used for present grantmaking for current needs in our community.

If you are interested in talking with someone from the Women’s Fund, click here to be contacted.


Women’s Fund Advisory Committee

JoAnn Krantz, Chair
Jann Allen, Vice Chair
Ruth Jenkins, Past Chair
Tracy Allen, Secretary

Linda Andreas
Carol Baker
CJ Bartlett
Pat Brooks
Colleen Martin
Carol Metzger
Vivian Miller
Sally Rideout


Pamela Aigner
Sharon Anderson
Andrea Baker
Shirley Becker
Jane Ann Bradford
Rosanna Clayton
Jerri Cooper
Deborah Craig
Naomi Curtis
Karen Dalton
Patricia Elsea
Karen Embry
Doris Grabhorn
Mary Kennard
Gloria Lewis
Angie Manz
Mary Jane Palmer
Nancy Parker
Debbie Reid
Chris Ryan
Donna Scales
Susan Sublett
Colleen Talley
Robyn Washburn
Jane Ann Fleener