Vision Fund

“Leaving a legacy with a vision for the future.”

We have grown to administer over $2 million in charitable assests. A small but dedicated staff and volunteer Board of Trustees work diligently to operate the Foundation with very low overhead expenses. Through endowment growth and operational support this group works to ensure donors that their charitable gifts go back into the community to:

  • Improve Education
  • Enhance healthier lives
  • Promote civic involvement and economic development
  • Protect the environment and natural resources
  • Make Warrick County a better place

Economic growth and community challenges are regularly discussed topics, especially among leaders. Our donors have a desire to create the positive changes that promote a prosperous and vibrant community. Donors like you have helped build the Foundation as an invaluable resource for Warrick County. We now administer 58 endowed funds which have supported grants and scholarships totaling more than $3 million in our short history.

Along with our growth has come the need to build our financial resources to sustain our ability to serve our donors charitable wishes, now and into the future. With the commitment of current board members, and your help, The Vision Fund, will sustain our growth and future in Warrick County.

No matter the size of gift to The Vision Fund, you will be leaving a legacy with a vision for the future of our community.

Please join in our efforts to build community and consider making a gift today!

CLICK HERE to donate or gifts may be mailed to:

The Vision Fund
Warrick County Community Foundation
PO Box 215
Boonville, IN 47601

The Foundation is a public charity and gifts are tax deductible to the extent provided by law.