Community Good Grants Program

The Perry County Community Foundation is in the process of evaluating its Community Good Grants Program. At this time, the Foundation will only consider short-term urgent funding requests of organizations located within Perry County, Indiana. These selective, modest grants will be based on critical need and assist nonprofits that are facing an unforeseen event(s) that has or will significantly interrupt essential services. You may contact the Foundation with any such requests.


Funding requests are accepted once each year according to our grant cycle. Application requirements may change from year to year; therefore, grantseekers are advised to revisit this page prior to beginning the grant application process. Grants are normally given as one-time support of a project but may be considered for additional support and for expansions or outgrowths of an initial project.

Grant Cycle

We consider funding requests for grants on a yearly cycle.  At the start of the grant cycle, an email notice will be sent to organizations that have signed up to receive information about our grant cycles.  To sign up for this service, click here.  The requirements and instructions provided here are to be considered current and accurate only for the duration of the Foundation’s grant cycle, which will run from July through November this year. Funding requests will be accepted from July 7 through the September 14 deadline. Funding requests submitted after September 14 will not be considered.

Grant Program Orientation Meeting

Prospective grant applicants are invited to schedule a meeting with the Regional Director of Community Engagement and Impact, Renate Warner, to receive an overview of the funding opportunity and to ask specific questions.  Contact Renate at 812-547-3176 or to schedule an orientation meeting.


The Foundation welcomes funding requests from nonprofit organizations that are deemed tax-exempt under sections 501(c)(3) and 509(a) of the Internal Revenue Code and from governmental agencies serving the county. Funding requests from nonprofit organizations not classified as a 501(c)(3) public charity may be considered provided the project is charitable and supports a community need.  In some cases, a fiscal sponsor may be required.

Fiscal Sponsors

Funding requests submitted by an entity under the auspices of another agency must include a written statement signed by the agency’s board president on behalf of the board of directors agreeing to act as the entity’s fiscal sponsor, to receive grant monies if awarded, and to oversee the proposed project.

Program Areas Considered for Funding

Please visit our Program Areas  page for details about the kinds of projects and programs supported through our Community Good Grants Program.

  • Arts and Culture
  • Community Development
  • Education
  • Health
  • Human Services
  • Other Civic Endeavors, such as the Environment, Activities that Benefit Animals, Recreation, and Youth Development

Project Areas NOT Considered for Funding

  • Religious organizations for religious purposes
  • Political parties or campaigns
  • Endowment creation or debt reduction
  • Operating costs
  • Capital campaigns
  • Annual appeals or membership contributions
  • Travel requests for groups or individuals such as bands, sports teams, or classes


The grants committee will make its recommendations on funding to the Board of Directors of the Community Foundation Alliance (our governing body). No lobbying or soliciting of grants committee members or board members will be permitted.

Award Announcement

All organizations that have submitted grant applications will be notified of the outcome of the grants committee’s deliberation in writing no later than December 1.  A Grant Awards Luncheon will be held in January.

Reporting Procedures

A final report at project completion may be required by organizations whose applications are approved for funding. Instructions on completing any required report will be provided at the time the grant is awarded.

Supporting Documents

The following supporting documents must be electronically attached to the application (as a Microsoft Office document such as Word or Excel or as a PDF document).

Attachment 1: Current board roster with professional affiliations

Attachment 2: Organization’s current annual operating budget

Attachment 3: Most recent financial statement (monthly, quarterly, etc.)

Attachment 4: Fiscal sponsor agreement letter, if applicable

Application Deadline

To be determined.