Betty Ann McCullough Educational Funds Award $27,990 in Grants

The Gibson County Community Foundation has announced grant recipients of the three Betty Ann McCullough educational grants programs. The Betty Ann McCullough Education Seminar and Convocation Grants Program, the Betty Ann McCullough Enrichment Project Grants Program, and the Betty Ann McCullough Teaching Achievement Grant Program provide funding for educational programs in Gibson County.

These programs are made possible through the generous support of Betty Ann McCullough who was an educator for the North Gibson School Corporation for more than 40 years, and a strong supporter of education in her community. Along with a number of civic memberships, she was a member of the Gibson County Community Foundation Advisory Board. She passed away in 1997.

Through the three programs, grants totaling $27,990 were awarded to the following organizations:

South Gibson School Corporation received a $1,000 grant for use by Betty Ann McCullough Teaching Achievement Grant recipient Jane Toth. Jane is a teacher at Gibson Southern High School and plans to participate in a special Advanced Placement training course over the summer to help her students prepare for their AP exams.

Princeton Community Intermediate School received a $1,000 grant for use by Betty Ann McCullough Teaching Achievement Grant recipient Brooke Reed. Brooke teaches 5th grade mathematics. According to her peers, she always works to find creative ways to make challenging lessons attainable for all students.

Oakland City University was awarded $6,000 for the Acorn Academy. The academy provides weekly tutoring sessions for East Gibson county students at grades K-6th.

Oakland City Columbia Township Public Library received $540 for the Read and Feed Program. Read & Feed is an innovative story time program that combines literacy with cooking, while addressing the delicate issue of food insecurity.

Lyles Station Historic Preservation Corporation received a $9,600 grant for A Night at the Museum. This program will allow patrons to enjoy an interactive and educational night of history as they experience history coming to life in a lantern-guided journey through time.

Princeton Community Intermediate School received a $5,000 for the Carl Anderson Writing Seminar. The goal of the seminar is to equip teacher with tools to help improve students writing scores.

Princeton Public Library received $4,000 for Community STEAM Enrichment Programs. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) Programs will provide hands-on activities and informational seminars for community members with primary focus of ages 16+.

Saints Peter and Paul School was awarded $850 for the Move to Succeed Program. This grant will be used to purchase classroom items that will help enhance student academic environment so that they will be able to absorb more of their grade level curriculum. 

Donors like Betty Ann McCullough allow the Gibson County Community Foundation to fulfill their charitable goals by structuring funds that are customized to fit their unique goals. If you are interested in setting up a fund, please contact Rachel Purviance, Regional Director of Development at or 812-386-8082 to discuss your legacy of giving.